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Virtual Bingo

Pull Off Virtual Bingo At Your Next Holiday Party

By now, you’re a professional at hosting a holiday party on Zoom!

Creative Bingo

Bingo with plastic dividers

One service club has been creative to get cash in the door.

Reasons to Play Bingo

5 reasons playing bingo is good for you

Bingo is one of the many activities that can be a great way to improve you mental and physical well-being.

Fundraising in COVID

Drive-in bingo raises money for Eating Disorder Foundation

A new fundraiser through the provinces Eating Disorder Foundation is a fun way to give back to a good cause.

Drive-in Bingo

Bringing bingo back: drive-in bingo event for Cork

Read how Cork Lion Club hosted a special drive-in bingo event, and how they accomplished the event.

Return to Bingo

I'm 98, my family were nervous about me coming back to bingo

Kathleen Manley, 98, from Greater Manchester, has been going to the same bingo hall for 38 years. For her, it's more than a game - it's a community.

Westlake Bingo

Drive-in Bingo

Drive-in movie theaters have clearly made a comeback. It's not just about the movies anymore. Drive-in Bingo is now becoming popular!

Mecca Bingo

Inside Mecca Bingo as it prepares to reopen halls on July 4

BINGO fans can once more try their luck at a full house as Mecca Bingo reopens its doors on July 4 with table service and early bird sessions.

Vegas Ad Campaigns

Fresh marketing campaigns aim to get customers back in casinos

With the doors of Nevada casinos opening Thursday, companies are rolling out fresh marketing campaigns to get customers through them.

Game Map

Fantini's COVID-19 Gaming Coverage

This daily report consolidates and tracks all developments related to the coronavirus with business and investment implcations for the global gaming industry.

Royal Bingo

Prince William and Kate Middleton were guest bingo callers in
call to nursing home

The royals joined the residents of Shire Hall Care Home in Cardiff, Wales, remotely to brighten their day by taking a turn as bingo callers.


Minnesota Checklist - Restarting Lawful Gambling
Post COVID-19 Restrictions

When the executive order closing bars and restaurants is lifted, please use the following link to access a 3-page checklist of general lawful gambling compliance reminders along with reminders for restarting your organization’s lawful gambling operation. This checklist does NOT affect your ongoing responsibility to comply with all applicable statutory, regulatory, rule and executive order requirements. Please contact your Compliance Specialist with any questions or concerns regarding your plan to restart your lawful gambling operations. The Board looks forward to continuing our work with you to ensure the integrity of lawful gambling.

Parking Lot Bingo

Using Zoom to Play Parking Lot Bingo

This article has a great example of using Zoom to play parking lot bingo.

Bingo Reopen

Reopening your Bingo Hall? Call your local news station!

Some bingo halls are reopening across the country. Generate some free advertising by contacting your local news stations. Tell your community to come support local charities and organizations. Check out this example.

Boston Reopen

Charitable gaming operators preparing to reopen, nonprofits say the money is needed

Charitable gaming operators in New Hampshire are hoping to reopen soon and say the nonprofit organizations that benefit from gambling revenues need the influx of money.

Reopen America

Guideline to Opening Up America Again

President Trump has unveiled Guidelines for Opening Up America Again, a three-phased approach based on the advice of public health experts.

Player Contact

Stay in touch with your players!

Don't let players forget about your bingo hall while they're at home! By keeping your social media feeds consistently updated, players will feel confident and excited to return to your hall upon reopening.

Social Media

Social Media Groups & How to Use Them to Promote Your Bingo Event

Social media groups like Facebook Community Groups are a great way to reach a broad local audience.

Matthew McConaughey

Matthew McConaughey Calls Bingo!

All right, all right! Residents at the Enclave at Round Rock Senior Living played virtual bingo with a special guest bingo caller.

Barstool Bingo

Barstool Sports Bingo

Check out how Barstool Sports is using Facebook live to play a unique game of Bingo with their own custom bingo cards.

COVID-19 Bingo

Play COVID-19 Bingo!

Bored? Coronavirus Cancelled Your Plans? In Pittsburgh they love their Bingo! Check out this unique Bingo card.

Borentined Bingo

Are You Getting ‘Borentined’?

Consider playing ‘Kent Eco Bingo’ to celebrate Earth Month. Kent Eco Bingo challenge to celebrate Earth Month, April 1-30!

Virtual Bingo

Virtual Bingo Has Surged During Lockdown

After being stuck at home for so long, some people are embracing unique ways to stay connected with family and friends. Read how people are raising funds for the SPCA Saint John Animal Rescue.

Porch Bingo

Porch Bingo Wins Free Toilet Paper!

Every Saturday night neighbours on Euclid Avenue sit on their porches or front lawns to play an old fashioned game of porch bingo. Unique to say the least!

Celeb Bingo

Celebrities Who Love Bingo

Even celebs are getting in on the act, and there are some massive names who are happy to be counted as bingo lovers!

88 Counties Bingo

In Wyandot, if you yell 'Bingo!', you better really have a 'bingo'

The bingo players at Our Lady of Consolation Shrine in Wyandot County take the game seriously.

Royal Bingo

Kate Middleton, Prince William Lose It After Woman Says They're 'S**tty' At Bingo

Kate Middleton and Prince William didn’t receive their normal royal treatment during a public engagement on Wednesday. Luckily, it seems like they absolutely loved it.

Mecca Devonport Bingo

Eyes down and sanitizer at the ready - bingo is back in Plymouth

Hours will be extended in the majority of clubs to accommodate the new format ‘Popingo’, which will allow customers to literally pop in and play for an hour.

Honk for Bingo

Honk for Bingo:
Bingo lovers get their fix from their cars in Windsor

Bingo lovers in Windsor were finally able to get their fix, get out of the house and keep their physical distancing intact Saturday as Parking Lot Bingo set up outside the All Star Gaming Centre at Walker Road and Ottawa Street.

Bingo Hall Ideas

Dawn of a New World -
Bingo Hall Ideas

We are committed to our charities and responsible charitable and social gaming entertainment and want to continue to provide ideas to our distributors and their organizations/operators as to how to effectively prepare and begin the opening of our industry.


Bingo hall offers the game from its parking lot

A bingo hall in San Antonio, TX is getting creative with how it does business. The Northeast Bingo hall added curbside bingo for anyone not comfortable coming inside the building. "Well, we transmit the signal over your FM radio," said Kris Keller, the facility's operator.


Recent Guidelines for Texas Reopening Bowling, Skating and Bingo Halls

Effective May 22, 2020, bowling alleys, bingo halls, simulcasting, and skating rinks may operate up to 25% of their total listed occupancy. Bingo halls must ensure at least 6 feet social distancing between customers playing bingo, and facilities that are simulcasting must ensure their patrons are engaged in at least 6 feet social distancing.


See iconic Las Vegas casino's unprecedented situation

CEO of Caesars Entertainment Tony Rodio about how the pandemic has halted operations at the iconic Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, and how the hotel and casino plans to reopen once restrictions are eased.

Browns Bingo

Browns’ Kevin Stefanski moves family to west side of Cleveland after a big east side-west side debate

...and during the move to Cleveland they played some bingo!

Survey Bingo

Using Surveys to Improve Your Players' Bingo Hall Experience

Creating a survey will help you get insight into your players' thoughts and feelings about attending your bingo hall, bar or club after COVID-19.

Bingo Reopen

HAGI TV Bingo season ending with record sales

Host Gary Cooper said they looked into ways to extend the season of the show, which hit new heights during the COVID-19 pandemic, but were unable to get more bingo sheets printed.

Bingo Reopen

Drive in bingo debuts while halls celebrate short lived reopening

On Monday morning bingo fans at Triple City Bingo Hall in San Juan got to play in the comfort of their own vehicles


AGA Applauds New Regulations Allowing Gaming Companies to Apply for Small Business Loans

Bars, fraternals and bingo halls with legal gaming revenue may be eligible for the Paycheck Protection Program forgivable loans!

Wynn Reopen Guide

Wynn Las Vegas Health & Sanitation Plan

Wynn Las Vegas has released a 23-page Health and Sanitation Program with guidelines for reopening and operating in a responsible manner. Proposal to slowly reopen parts of the Las Vegas economy in early May.


Want More Players? Here are the Top 5 Ways to Promote Your Bingo Event

Without paying for expensive advertising, what’s the best way to promote your bingo event? Here are the five best ways to get started.


Advergaming: What It Is and How You (and Your Players) Can Benefit

There are a couple different ways Advergaming can be achieved, and it’s important to analyze which would work best for your bingo hall and/or player base.

Bingo Hall Safety

Help Your Players Feel Safe in Your Bingo Hall

When shelter-in-place mandates have been lifted and our bingo halls can get back to business, players are going to return, and bring with them a new set of expectations for social events, including things like a heightened sense of cleanliness and social distancing.

Drive In Bingo

Winery Holds Drive-In Bingo

An Ohio winery is holding drive-in bingo in their parking lot. They provide cards for three rounds of bingo while you stay in your car.

10 fun games on zoom

10 Fun Games to Play on Zoom

It doesn't get any easier than Bingo. You can play a custom Bingo game that revolves around a movie or TV show that your group plans to watch.

Curly Bingo

Curley Tales

Check out idea #7: 2 Fat Ladies- 88 and the Bingo love continues, but this time it’s creative, more millennial-friendly and even customized.

Have You Ever Bingo

'Have You Ever Bingo Challenge'?

People are becoming more creative with Bingo cards. The latest one that is doing the rounds on Instagram is 'Have You Ever Bingo Challenge'.

Playing in car bingo

Drive-in Bingo comes to Delta parking lots

With drive-in bingo, players park in the hall parking lot and play the game from the comfort of their vehicles.A caller reads the numbers over a pre-set FM radio channel.

Playing in car bingo

McBride Legion In Car Bingo

In car bingo is becoming a very popular way to host bingo for your charity. Legion member Rick Thompson suggested a car BINGO night, explaining how, with participants in vehicles with their family members, COVID regulations would be followed.

Bingo Halls Reopening

What to expect as casinos and bingo halls reopen in Saskatchewan

It’s game on in Saskatchewan — with casinos and bingo halls reopening to the public amid the COVID-19 pandemic on Thursday.

Nevada Gold II

Nevada Gold II is An Instant Winner for Both You and Your Players

In our “new world” of social distancing and contactless transactions, now is the time to invest in an additional salesperson!

Outdoor Bingo

Your Patrons Can Stay Close...But You Can Go Far – With Your Creativity!

Take advantage of your outdoor patio space or parking lot by creating a pull tab bar!

Thing to do bingo

Bingo halls reopened Friday across the city, and
San Antonians were eager to play and socialize

When Alamo Hills Daytime Bingo finally reopened Friday after going dark for two months, Erica Wilson just had to get back to her bingo family — even if it meant playing in the parking lot from the back of her truck.

Texas Bingo

As Texas bingo halls prepare to reopen, nonprofits feel the pinch

On Friday, bingo halls are allowed to reopen with 25% capacity after being shut down for two months during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Halloween Bingo

Halloween in May Bingo Goes Virtual

Unique virtual twist to bingo! Rhythmix Bingo is VIRTUALLY Back with “Halloween in May” featuring 10 rounds of Halloween-themed theatrics, ghoulish music, dreadfully delightful dance breaks and more - all via Zoom!

Car Bingo

Car bingo puts the social in social distancing

We’re all in this together, even sitting in our cars in a parking lot playing bingo. Great example of playing car bingo.

Casino Relief

Bingo Hall guideline examples when you reopen

Here is a great example of informing players on new guidelines and what to expect when your bingo hall reopens.

Casino Relief

Trump administration to allow small casinos to apply for coronavirus relief loans

The Trump administration revised guidelines on Friday to allow small casinos impacted by the coronavirus pandemic to receive small business loans.

Casino Relief

Rule change lets Illinois gambling cafes qualify for federal loan

he Ruby's gambling establishments in Illinois are now eligible for a federal loan after all.

Balcony Bingo

How one Sunrise condo copes with quarantine: Balcony Bingo

There was a condo that had a game and bingo was its name-o.

Balcony Bingo

Social distancing - consider package pricing when you reopen

Players can quickly choose which package suits them and it can cut down on time spent in line.

Play Bingo

Create new players - things to know before you BINGO

Get new players into your hall by letting them know what to expect when they arrive.

Activity Bingo

Mom Squad: Activity Bingo

There’s a way to make even the most mundane activities seem like a fun game: Activity Bingo!

Restaurant Bingo

Tampa Bay Restaurants Launch Takeout Bingo

Up for a game of Bingo? Restaurants across Tampa Bay are launching a new game that allows you to support your favorite local restaurants and get the chance to win cash or restaurant gift cards at the same time.

Food Bingo

Food Bingo Game

Restaurant consultant created Atlanta Food Bingo to drive more business to area restaurants struggling to cope with the financial losses caused by COVID-19.

Educational Bingo

Bingo Across the Curriculum

Bingo is a wonderful teaching tool to have at your fingertips no matter what you are teaching.

Zoom Bingo

Meeting On Zoom During The Outbreak?

So your meetings have probably been held on chat apps, like Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Google Hangout. Here's a Bingo card for that!