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Revitalizing the Charitable Gaming Industry


Cash is the oxygen of your charity! Breathe some life back into your pull tab ticket sales! Offer 25¢ & 50¢ tickets as a way of getting back your customers. Times are tough and money may be tight as we work our way through our recovery.

Provide tickets that give your players greater entertainment value – with more chances to win.


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Here are some quick ideas to generate pull tab ticket sales in your bars, clubs and halls, once they can reopen.

  • When disposable incomes start to shrink, money becomes tight. 25¢ & 50¢ games provide your players with a less expensive alternative to the traditional dollar games.
  • The more 25¢ & 50¢ pull tab tickets a player opens, the better their chances are of becoming a winner!
  • The more tickets a player can buy for their dollar means more entertainment for the same amount of money. More tabs to pull, more chances to win, and more fun!

Arrow’s 25¢ & 50¢ pull tab tickets are designed to offer your players more bang for the buck.

Contact your local Arrow distributor to discuss how Arrow’s 25¢ & 50¢ pull tab tickets will generate quick income and get your players back into the action of the game!

Spin-Ups Popp-Open Pull Tab

Reopening your Bingo Hall?
Call your local news station!

Bingo halls are reopening across the country. Generate some free advertising by contacting your local news stations. Tell your community to come support local charities and organizations. Check out this example.

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Nevada Gold II is your best salesperson during social distancing

Short on staff but want to get back into the game?

Invest in a Nevada Gold II ticket dispenser, the world’s fastest ticket dispenser and salesperson!

Place a Nevada Gold II into your bar, club or hall. Fill with 25¢ & 50¢ pull tab tickets and start playing! Filling your machine with 25¢ & 50¢ pull tab tickets is a great economical solution for players to win some cash in these challenging times when cash is short, but players want to be entertained.

Contact your local Arrow Distributor to discuss adding a Nevada Gold II to you bar, club or hall.

An Instant Winner!

Installs in seconds! Simply place magnetic mounting base on the top of the cabinet and plug it in!

LED halo features seven unique colors with nine different lighting sequences.

Edge-Lit-Panel illuminates artwork evenly and p;rovides wide angle viewing.

Compatible with 4 & 8 column Nevada Gold II & Nevada Gold Classic dispensers.

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8 Column Nevada Gold II with Topper

Periodic Cleaning & Sanitizing of Electronic Gaming Equipment

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Interested in Getting Licensed?

Hosting a charitable gaming event is a great way to give back, and it’s easy to get started! Because the requirements for hosting charitable gaming events vary by region, and even within some regions, the best thing to do is an online search for “charitable gaming” in your specific state or province.

How To Legally Host A Gambling Fundraiser

PrecisionCounter 500™
Pre-bundle to sell more tickets!

The PrecisionCounter 500 can hold 500+ tickets while batching out over 14 tickets per second.

Hand counting your pull tabs is a thing of the past!
Pre-bundle tickets for quicker sales!
Use the Precision Counter to count tickets into smaller bundles. Then, rubber band the tickets together for quick and easy pull tab sales.

  • Fast & Accurate Counting
  • Programmable Batching
  • Convenient Operation

Custom Full Color Bingo Ink Sleeves

Let players know you have reopened by creating a custom message welcoming your players back!

Promo Materials

Promotional Materials

  • Download and print promotional materials from your computer
  • Choose from "Go Local" posters, flyers and postcards
  • Add your organization's name
  • Choose Safety signage you can use in your hall
  • Printable PDFs


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Recent Blog Posts

Covid-19 Ideas for Operators

Each Operator will need to review the laws that apply to them, but here are some things to think about as you decide how to address COVID-19 for your operations:

Employee/Volunteer Safety

ENTRY SCREENING: Consider screening employees and volunteers at the beginning of each work shift.  Per CDC guidelines, employees or volunteers displaying a temperature over 100.4°F or displaying a cough, shortness of breath or other known symptoms of COVID-19 should immediately be sent home and advised to seek medical attention.[1]  Each employee and volunteer may be required to conduct a daily health assessment to determine and self-certify that they do not have a fever or other symptoms that would require them to stay home and self-isolate.

HAND CLEANSING: Instruct all employees and volunteers to wash their hands, or use sanitizer when a sink is not available, every 60 minutes (for 20-seconds) and after any of the following activities: using the restroom, sneezing, touching the face, blowing the nose, cleaning, sweeping, mopping, smoking, eating, drinking, entering and leaving the gaming area, going on break and before or after starting a shift.

PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT (PPE): Consider the use of appropriate PPE for employees and volunteers based on their responsibilities and state or local regulations. Consider whether employees and volunteers will be required to wear a mask while on the premises. Gloves should be made available to employees and volunteers whose responsibilities require them, as determined by medical experts and local laws, including those employees and volunteers in direct contact with disinfectant solutions and/or in direct contact with customers (i.e. point of sale locations).

PHYSICAL DISTANCING: Employee and volunteer meetings should be conducted in areas that allow for appropriate physical distancing between employees and volunteers. Work responsibilities should be assigned to minimize contact between employees and volunteers (i.e. consider a limit of one employee/volunteer per point of sale location).

HEALTH CONCERNS: Employees and volunteers should be advised to stay home if they are not feeling well and follow the recommendations of public health authorities and medical professionals. 

Customer Safety

ENTRY SCREENING: Consider screening customers upon entry to the premises.  Customers displaying a temperature over 100.4°F or displaying a cough, shortness of breath or other known symptoms of COVID-19 should immediately be sent home and advised to seek medical attention.

HAND CLEANSING: Consider making hand sanitizer available for customers at all point of sale locations or other locations where there is direct contact with organization employees or volunteers.

PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT (PPE): Consider the use of appropriate PPE for customers based on state or local regulations.  If masks are recommended or required, consider if the organization will provide the masks or if customers will be asked (or required) to supply their own.  Adopt policies and procedures for proper identification and age verification of customers while wearing a mask when identification is required (i.e. age verification upon entry, or identification of winners for prize receipts or tax reporting forms).

PHYSICAL DISTANCING: Adopt measures to distance customers from one another in accordance with state and local requirements and guidelines.  Consider the implementation of the following strategies:

  • Use ropes or clearly marked floor coverings to allow for recommended physical distancing throughout the premises.  Consider paying attention to those areas where customers may line up or congregate:  entry points to the premises, point of sale locations, beverage or food stations, and restrooms.

  • Consider clear plastic barriers between employees/volunteers and customers at point of sale locations.

  • Limit access to restrooms to not more than three customers, depending on size.

  • Arrange (or reduce) seating areas to provide for recommended physical distancing between customers.  For multiple person tables, consider spacing chairs at least six feet apart and clearly marking each customer’s playing space.  Place customers on only one side of the table.

  • Consider marking one-way traffic lanes within the premises for employees/volunteers and customers.

  • Consider Restricting or eliminating self-service food and beverage stations, or follow all guidance from state and local public health authorities for cleaning and disinfecting between uses.  Consider the use of single serve cups, plastic utensils and wrapped straws.

  • Stationary electronic gaming devices should be turned off or reconfigured with chairs removed to allow for physical separation between customers.

Cleaning & Sanitation

  • Cleaning and sanitizing products should meet EPA guidelines as effective against viruses, bacteria and other pathogens.[2]

  • Follow CDC guidelines for proper cleaning and disinfecting, including the proper use of disinfecting agents.{[3]}

  • Consider sanitizing employee and volunteer work stations (i.e. point of sale locations, caller’s station) before opening and then on a regular basis and between shifts.

  • Hand sanitizer should be made available to customers, employees and volunteers throughout the premises, particularly in areas with customer contact (i.e. points of sale locations).

  • Consider sanitizing all tables and chairs prior to opening and between each session if there are multiple sessions within a day.

  • Consider sanitizing handheld electronic devices before and after each customer’s use.

  • Consider sanitizing stationary electronic devices and chairs at least every four (4) hours.  Consider making sanitizing wipes available to customers who wish to sanitize a device before use.  In the alternative, make an employee or volunteer available to sanitize an electronic device at the request of a customer.

  • Consider placing a hand sanitizing station for customers near the stationary electronic gaming devices.

  • Unless new, consider sanitizing bingo markers before each session.

Arrow is providing this for informational purposes only and makes no representations, warranties or guarantees of any kind.
Please review the laws that apply to your operations in order to determine the COVID-19 legal requirements for your jurisdiction.

[1] The CDC interim guidance for businesses and employers can be found at: CDC Guidance

[2]The American Chemistry Council has issued a list of sanitizing agents effective against the coronavirus.  It can be found here: American Chemistry

[3] CDC guidelines for cleaning and disinfecting can be found here: CDC Disinfecting

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